Mysteries of the Joyful" is a composition of nine images featuring artifacts that silently and privately became part of my daily routine as a new mother. A breast pump, an adult diaper, a peri bottle, postpartum underwear and girdle, breastfeeding pads, nipple balm, pain reliever spray, and a face mask are some of the many objects that became essential to me at the beginning of motherhood. They hold precious information about an immensely cloistered experience that has shaped my new identity. By photographing these objects that embodied my journey, I aim to shed light on the shadowed part of motherhood that is conventionally underrepresented in favor of the anticipated joy mothers are supposed to experience. By focusing on the objects themselves and not my body, I advocate for giving visibility to these mysterious yet nurturing artifacts that are not commonly linked to the expected transformation of the self after giving birth to a child. This approach also highlights the profound physical strain that women's bodies undergo during this experience.

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