Installation at Latinx Artists for ALMAAHH: We are Houston, Post. Houston, 2023


Latitude & Longitude is the first piece of a body of work, where I revisit important geographical spaces that have shaped my identity. By going back to places that have shaped me, I try to grasp my old self and introduce it to my present one. I do this in an archaeological exercise where I take soil samples of each site and place them in envelopes with their geographical coordinates. The soil - meant to retrieve artifacts and ecofacts that can help increase the understanding of my past fading in my memories - is placed into identified envelopes that I can hold onto. In each site, I take multiple self-portraits holding the samples, which are later blurred and superimposed into a final image, as if details of my identity are slowly disappearing into memory. Images of four cities are then printed on thin voile fabric and hung with acrylic thread, inviting the viewer to tour my own journey.

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