“Luminous Mysteries" is a collection of nine photographs capturing the artifacts that became essential in my role as a caregiver and new mother. These objects, ranging from dirty diapers to breastmilk collectors, symbolize the transformative journey of early motherhood. Through this series, I aim to shed light on the often-overlooked aspects of this experience and bring visibility to the underappreciated artifacts that accompany this journey. By focusing on the objects, I invite viewers to reflect on the profound and sometimes hidden realities of motherhood. The succession of images of used diapers, snot remover, oral aspirator, suppositories, burp cloths, and other objects create a visual narrative that unveils some of the inherent "mysteries" of early motherhood and challenge the monolithic blissful preconceptions around it by highlighting the mundane and showing the unspoken moments a mother share with its baby.

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